Busy Me

Sorry I haven’t been telling you of our charmed lives recently, both mummy and daddy haven’t been very well and have been seeing the human vet quite a lot. They are OK but on lots of tablets and stuff – these humans, such a fuss taking a little tablet.

Trouble is we needs our staff to put the puter on for us cos our paws are just too big to press all the buttons, fortunately my nose works quite well on the keyboard.

Spring is in the air in London and Lottie and me, plus our brother Sammy and sister Felicity will have to think about going out patrolling in the garden again now it is warmer and not snowing any more.

We each have our own chair (well Flickie and me share th sofa when we can shift the humans).

Lottie is on special medicine because she has some problems with her joints because of (shhhh – elderly cat – wink wink), but she is very good at taking it and it is doing her good.

Sammy’s had a reminder from the V. E. T. that he needs to go for his booster.

We had Hi-Life Gourmet for Christmas and have gotr the staff trained so that’s all we have now (36 tins a week – ha ha); if anything else goes down we just sit and look at it. Sammy likes his dried food but daddy has found a really yummy (and expensive) tuna kibble for him.




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